The Monday Catchup

credit: Al Jazeera

credit: Al Jazeera

Good morning! Here’s what you missed over the weekend:

The lead story: Democracy activists in Hong Kong battled with riot police over the weekend and into today after mainland Chinese authorities imposed new regulations on elections held in the semi-autonomous territory. Police employed tear gas and other riot gear but protesters still managed to control three major thoroughfares. Mostly students, the protesters have been calling for labour strikes.

After the jump: ISIS bombings, Miami nightclub shooting, sexual assault ruling and a new afghan president

Barack Obama has admitted to “underestimating” ISIS and employing a contradictory strategy in regards to Syria.

Recent air strikes in Syria have hit three oil refineries run by ISIS. The Nusra Front, an al-Qaeda affiliate in Syria, has declared that there will be consequences for this action.

Scientists have declared that the majority of the water on earth is older than both the sun and the solar system.

A new Afghan president has been inaugurated, ending the long rule of Hamad Karzai. Ashraf Ghani charges the Afghan people to hold him accountable for his actions.

California Governor Jerry Brown has signed a ‘yes means yes’ sexual assault bill into law. This law will be a big step in changing how colleges and universities in California prevent and investigate sexual assault.

15 people including teenagers and an eleven year old were injured in a nightclub shooting in Miami. Investigators are still unsure who was behind the shooting or what the motives might have been.

The long read:  As Detroit continues to sturggle with municipal bankrupcy, a federal judge has ruled that the city can shut off the water of those who do not pay their bills. Protests have erupted led by citizens affected by the shutoffs. For an in-depth look at the Detroit bankruptcy, check out this paper.

The weatherTemperatures dipping down this week with showers and thunderstorms expected.

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