Overheard at Kenyon: “I never read books…”

via russellbooks.wordpress.com

via russellbooks.wordpress.com

Junior Guy: “I think I figured out how to kill superman last night.”

Senior Skimmer: “I never read quote blocks in books.”

  • Senior Slacker: “I never read books.”
  • Senior Skimmer: “But you’re an English major…”

Junior, advising First-year on future choices: “You should be a Physics major.”

  • Senior Socy Major: “Is that even a major here?”

Professor: “I like all of you. Well, most of you anyway.”

Girl, explaining a music video: “It’s essentially just burly men with beards and pine trees.”

  • Horny Woodsy Girl: “Stop it, I’m gonna giz.”

Fashion Critic: “Girly girl’s rockin’ the whole Sweeney Todd look.”

Wungry Willy: “I’m not very hungry, but I’m always hungry for weed.”

Friend: “Where are your sandals, bro?”

  • Barefoot Soul: “Still on the roof.”

Senior Ready to Graduate: “That’s what I’m gonna do when I graduate.”

  • Friend: “What?”
  • Senior: “Shave regularly.”

Old Lady in the Bookstore: “Every day to a dog is Tuesday, but still…”

Kenyon Student #1: “My idea was that the Internet is like God.”

  • Kenyon Student #2: “…that’s actually really smart.”

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