On Topic, Off Topic: Respect, Caples

On Topic: Respect – Almost all students, if not everyone, has been talking about the recent incidents on campus surrouding Take Back the Night, Crozier, YikYak, and cases of general lack of respect for each other. Two related campaigns kicked off yesterday in an effort to hold students to a standard of respect. The first is the Statement of Respect where students “pledge to say only what we would be proud to put our names on.” Anybody who wants to sign may do so here.

All names that were submitted by 3 p.m. today will be published in tomorrow’s edition of the Collegian (with the consent of those signing). The second is a #respectfuldifference campaign on Facebook, where anybody (or any organization) can post a photo of themselves with a sign saying they support Respectful Difference. President Decatur and senior Administrators posted the above photo yesterday afternoon.

Off Topic: Caples Elevator – The Housing and Dining Committee, historically known for failing to pass Saturday Extendo last year, has successfully completed their first project of the year. The *ding* in the Caples elevator is now quieter (please, contain your excitement). Though seemingly irrelevant (and hence, off topic) to anybody that doesn’t live in Caples, this is a sign that the Committee has a promising year ahead. Not only are they going to re-attempt Saturday extendo, but they are currently accepting submissions for the repainting of the Caples elevator.

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