Student Bartenders: Cove vs. VI


Have you ever gone to the Cove or the VI and seen the person behind the bar and thought, “Man, they look familiar!” Well, today’s your lucky day. We tracked down two of Gambier’s finest student bartenders from two of Gambier’s finest (and only) bars and brought them head to head for your enjoyment!


Bar tending at the Cove has lent me a perspective into the vibrant, diverse, multi-cultural bar experience that is nigh impossible to find elsewhere.

Favorite drink to drink: A pitcher of PBR.
Favorite drink to make: Pouring a pitcher of PBR.
Craziest drink you’ve made: Jaeger Bomb. What even is that? Crazy.
Craziest story: Well, this one time, when I was bar tending at the Cove, somebody thought I was John Travolta. WHAT?! Like what a compliment.
It’s a Friday night. Where do you go? Obviously, I would go to the Cove. After everything I’ve said, how could anybody pick the VI?


THE VILLAGE INN — Kale Barber ’16

Favorite drink to drink: My standby is Crown Royal XO, neat or small rocks, but I’m always trying new drinks.
Favorite drink to make: Tie between 1. watching absinthe louche, and 2. anything I get to shake (martinis and the like) because it’s just damn satisfying.
Craziest drink you’ve made: Oh, the other night a coworker turned me onto the Irish Breakfast shot … a shot of Jameson with a dash of butterscotch schnapps, chased with a shot of OJ. Doesn’t sound all that interesting, but it tastes like pancakes and bacon.
Craziest story: Now and then we’ll get someone at the bar that needs to be asked to leave, but I haven’t been there for anything really memorable, just your everyday drunken mess types. It’s not very exciting, but a crazy night for me usually means a busy one … The RFL [Relay for Life]/Senior Week/Parents and Reunion Weekend nights when the place is so full you can barely navigate. Time kind of stands still and you just get in the zone and make drinks until it’s suddenly 2 am.
It’s a Friday night. Where do you go? VI all the way. I have plenty of love for the Cove, but, like plenty of people around here, the VI is my “Cheers.” The staff are all awesome people, the atmosphere is great, and it’s just generally a cleaner, better time. Their one weakness is the lack of a late night menu, obviously. If they ever start serving mac and cheese wedges, I might move in permanently.

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