From the Collegian Archives: Advertisements


Definitely not going to see this ad in the Collegian anymore

Open a copy of the Collegian and all you will find will be the news of that week, but in the past, the Collegian was known to have run a variety of ads, presumably to meet expenses not covered by the college. Today the Thrill presents a collection of these advertisements from several issues of the Collegian from the 20th Century.

ad 1

From an April, 1903 issue of the Collegian. I bet The Little Nugget was a hopping place back in the day. Course now we just have to Peirce Pub to play billiards, or you know, use our iPads.

ad 3Ads for various brands and types of tobacco litter early issues of the Collegian, including this ad, from 1928, spreading the good word about a Mount Vernon based tobacconist

ad 4

Not to be outdone of course, name brand cigarette companies had large ads featuring smiling, happy college aged kids or celebrities, like this one from 1951. C’mon “Get with it gang” be a smoker today!*

ad 2

Ah yes, in the days before online shopping (so most of Kenyon’s life, including 1902 when this ad was published) Kenyon students would actually visit tailors to purchase their new clothes. I wonder if students ever killed time going to get measured for a suit like we do by scrolling the sales page on the L.L. Bean and J. Crew websites.

*Note, the Thrill does not endorse smoking or particular cigarette companies, though I’m pretty sure Chesterfield doesn’t exist any more, I guess too few people got with the gang.

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