“Since When Is that Art?” Installation Art Up for the Week

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A map of the installation locations

Installation art has been one of the more controversial classes in Kenyon’s curriculum. Absent last year due to the sabbatical of the instructor (Claudia Esslinger), the course is back this fall, and I am lucky enough to be in it! We only have two installations the entire semester (which is TERRIFYING) and our first works of art are currently installed around campus! The theme of the assignment was “intervention.” Here’s a quick look at what the artists have to say about their work!

“Wall portrait of youths”

Harrison Curley, ’15

I seek to explore the new phenomenon of a “cyber-personality” separate from a “physical-personality” in these videos. This type of plural identity is unique to our generation, and the nuances of using an online presence to an advantage interests me immensely.

“Terms and Conditions”


Ruby Koch-Fienberg, ’17

Terms and Conditions is a reflection on the voyeuristic world that dominates our ‘private’ representations of identity. The curtain barrier holds the tangible question of consent; while in daily life there is no option to answer, here is your opportunity.



Lily Burger, ’15

I wanted to create an alone space; I remember being a freshman and wishing that I could do that more easily on this campus. I decided to hang the structure to make the participant feel secluded, while still being able to hear everything around them and still technically be standing in a public space that could very easily be crowded with people. Then I filled it with glitter because I love glitter.



Guy Bailey, ’17

This installation addresses international issues that are pertinent to our campus todayUsing the word yield in three languages (Arabic, Greek and Hebrew) allows the audience to reflect on their position on these issues and learn to coexist on this campus even with conflicting opinions.



Caroline Del Giudice, ’15

I  created a playful statement about a person’s relationship with food growth, consumption, and waste. It’s my own welded version of forking!



Elizabeth Norman, ’16

When coming up with this project, I really fixated on the idea of a chrysalis or cocoon-type structure as it relates to life stages. I especially wanted to look at the parallel ways we often think about college: a sort of safe, comfortable cocoon that we’re supposed to inhabit for four years and then emerge from as a beautiful butterfly ready to take on the ‘real world;’ I wanted to interrogate that idea and the trappings that come with it.

“Consolation Prize”


Colin McArthur, ’15

My intention with my installation on middle path is to intervene with passersby on campus by helping make them conscious of the long standing tradition of urinating all over the gates of hell’s middle stone, and to make a statement about those that continue the practice. My intention is not to try and force people to stop urinating where they want, but instead to make them more cognizant of the fact that a seemingly innocuous act carries more weight than initially expected.

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