Meet an SMA: Austin Butler ’15

The Thrill spotlights a Sexual Misconduct Advisor regularly to raise awareness about the resources available to survivors of sexual assault. Remember, the SMAs are subordinate to the Counseling Center, so anything you tell them is kept confidential. They also have an anonymous hotline you can call if you need assistance: 740-358-1544. Stay safe this weekend, and know that there is always someone you can talk to if you need help.Today, we’re featuring Austin Butler, a senior from kind of all over.


Cookie pie or giant cookie? N/A
What’s the best meal you’ve ever had (excluding cookie pie and/or giant cookie)? This pear tart from a back-alley trattoria in Florence.
What’s the last good book you read? Your Face Tomorrow: Poison, Shadow, and Farewell (Vol. 3) by Javier Marías.
Why do you love your hometown? (1) Barton Springs. (2) Albert Leslie Cochran (June 24, 1951 – March 8, 2012). (3) Dry Creek Cafe and Boat Dock, which is neither a dry creek, nor a cafe, nor a boat dock. (4) The light is so weird in that fucking city.
What is your favorite place to nap on campus? Woods behind New Apts or the pine tree in the “old circle” of NCAs.
What movie have you watched most frequently and why? The Mummy Returns. My sister and I bought it on VHS from the Blockbuster that used to be on Greystone Drive when we were 12 and everyday for about three months we would sit down and watch it immediately after getting home from school even though it’s not a particularly good movie, in fact, it’s pretty bad, but for some reason we kept watching it and watching it until we stopped, for no reason (or for the same reason we started watching it–what that was, I don’t know), and I haven’t watched it since.
Why did you become an SMA? I have been fortunate to know some strong women in my life who taught me a lot. This is my way of showing them I listened.


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    • Yes, they are all listed on the SMA posters, which are hung up around campus. We are working on making a copy available online. If you would like the contact information of any individual SMA and cannot find a poster for any reason, please feel free to contact me individually via e-mail or call the hotline to ask for that person’s number.

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