10 o’clock list: Things We Find Here

Things I've found this year. (If that's your long-lost nerf bullet or something, you can email me.)

Things I’ve found this year. (If that’s your long-lost nerf bullet or something, you can email me.)

Sometimes Kenyon students like to lose things. But where do all our wallets, expensive textbooks and black North Face jackets go? Do they sit disintegrating in a shadowy corner of Old Kenyon? Fall into some mystical void? Or do they find new homes? As a prolific contributor to this accidental redistribution of wealth, I’m curious.

I’ve lost an embarrassing number of cardigans, hats and umbrellas in my time. But I’m also a very good finder. If I keep my eyes on the ground sometimes, it’s because I love finding lucky pennies and little bits and bobs that people won’t miss. That’s not to mention the many more things you can find here that aren’t objects at all.

  1. Things that have gotten lost. Some keys and K-cards find their way home through the Safety office, but umbrellas also tend to conveniently disappear from the lost-and-found on rainy days.
  2. Things that haven’t even gotten lost. Unlocked bicycles also get “borrowed” sometimes. But you’d better have some good karma stocked up before you try that.
  3. Illness. As we learned this fall, 18 – 22 year-olds are surprisingly good at getting baby diseases.
  4. Peirce dishes. Forks on a trash can in front of Wiggins? A lonely cup in the Post Office? Guys. Guys?!
  5. A hairstyle your mom’s not going to like. Might be staying home for fall break, since your shaved temples didn’t go over well during your last Skype session.
  6. Magic places. Every time I think I know campus, I find a classroom at a time of day that lights up in the coolest way.
  7. Unexpected things to love. Whether you intended to be an English major and are now getting ready for Anthropology comps, or expected to be a theater kid and ended up as a Rugby captain, there comes a point where you find yourself in a sixth hour of practice or a meeting at 11:15 pm and realize you wouldn’t have it any other way.

What have you found recently? Let us know.

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