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  1. Good luck. BackInMyDay™ I also lost a fuzzy Gap PolarFleece (the North Face of the ’90s) in Ascension during the Oden inauguration, but my several urgent ALLSTUs turned up no leads, despite the fact that this was when ALLSTUs were e-mail, and e-mail meant unskippable messages on a text-only VT terminal.

    So I don’t want to be That Guy, but strictly speaking I think looking for mine takes precedence over Samantha’s. It’s green. PBX 6303 if you find it.

    • We took out the dislist, but left the email! Just because she hasn’t found her jacket yet. Once she finds her jacket we’ll take the email out too!

      • If you search a name on the Kenyon email it will come up. Having her email is now only for people without a kenyon email.

      • We checked with her to make sure having her email up is okay! Promise we want Kenyon to be a safe space for people and North Face jackets alike.

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