Saturday Night Barf Still on Old Kenyon Steps

Clearly this was a worthwhile use of my time.

Clearly this was a worthwhile use of my time.

As I walked past the Old Kenyon steps this morning I thought, “…Is that vomit? Isn’t it Monday?” And then I realized to my quiet horror that there was, in fact, an unassuming vomit puddle sitting outside Old Kenyon that had been there since Saturday night. It would seem that while some people may have lost their black Northfaces on Saturday, others lost a dinner made up entirely of corn.

I know they say “Leave it all on the dance floor”, but people were running a vomit relay race between Old Kenyon and Gund Commons during Deb Ball and Stash Bash. I probably wouldn’t have said anything, except that 1. There was so much of it everywhere, and 2. Shouldn’t somebody clean it up at some point?

You finally hit vomit bingo this weekend, and it’s important that everyone knows where you chucked your nuggets:

  • The back stairwell of Taft 200 (still there)
  • The trashcan/wall in Peeps Lounge during Deb Ball
  • The East Stairs leading into Old Kenyon (still there)
  • Middle Path
  • That pole by the Perch on the way to the Cove
  • Inside the Cove, next to the bar
  • Gund Commons (probably)
  • Third Floor Mather bathroom (everywhere)

Remember to drink responsibly, you guys.

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