10 o’clock list: College Movies That Give Kenyon Prospies Unreasonable Expectations

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Josh Radnor at college in a movie (image via unreceivedopinion.files.wordpress.com)

If you were to believe everything about college that you’ve seen in the movies, you would expect that everyone is on drugs, that everyone you meet is in a secret society, and that people will actually catch you when you do a stage dive. You know, normal college things. Kenyon College and colleges in general are horribly misrepresented on the silver screen, and it’s time that someone spoke out about it. If we don’t clear the air, prospies are going to arrive at Kenyon thinking that every party is a toga party, and I just don’t have enough sets of sheets to keep up with that image. Here are five movies that hardly resemble life at Kenyon:

  1. Monsters University

    Monsters University gives prospies the unreasonable expectation that college will be scary. College isn’t as scary as it seems in the movies.
  2. Animal House 

    Animal House would be more believable and Kenyon appropriate if Campus Safety interrupted at least every other scene, just to make sure everyone’s doing okay.
  3. Pitch Perfect

    Pitch Perfect gives off the impression that literally everyone in college sings, and sometimes they burst out into perfect harmony. Just because you go to college doesn’t mean you’ll suddenly be able to sing well. We don’t need auto-tune at Kenyon, but some of our a capella groups do play instruments, I guess.
  4. Big Man on Campus
    I mean, maybe this movie isn’t a misleading portrayal of college. After all, I’ve never been up to the bell tower to see that there isn’t a hunchback who plays the bells every Friday. It’s possible.
  5. Liberal Arts

    Unfortunately, Josh Radnor‘s whole pretentious spiel about being “English with a minor in History, just to make sure I was fully unemployable”, is a little too real. The misleading part of this movie is when he drives around Gambier like it’s more than half a mile long, or when he’s at a pleasantly lit Old Kenyon lounge party with enough room to breath and walk around. These scenes just set prospies up for disappointment.

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