Blogs on Blogs on Blogs: Abroad Edition


Monica Lee ’16 relaxes seaside in Cabo De Sao Vincente, Portugal

Right now there are tons of Kenyon students who have departed our little hill for a time to go off exploring and learning, enriching their education in almost every corner of the world. Whether you’re abroad as well or still here in the ‘Bier, you might be curious as to what your junior class peers are up to. If you’re feeling a some pangs of loss and separation deep in your heart for your comrades-gone-global, check out some of the awesome things they’re sharing online.

 Locations: Spain, China, Portugal

So far there’s content from Spain and Portugal. She’s been sharing some hilarious stories, pictures of freakin’ delicious looking food and gorgeous vistas, and OH MY GOD TWO DAY OLD PUPPIES!!

Locations: Trinidad and Tobago, Morocco

A breathtaking collection of photos. I didn’t even know colors could be that colorful. Her host siblings are absolutely adorable, and you definitely don’t want to miss her fascinating insight and commentary.

 Location: England

Claire’s a part of the Kenyon Exeter Program, so she’ll be there all year! Hopefully she’ll keep filling us in. Check out her faithfully entertaining slice-of-life posts peppered with some really great photos to set the scene.

For all you photo lovers out there, be sure to check out Kenyon In Rome’s Instagram account, chock full of all kinds of foods and art and people and food and architecture and food (look at this cake).

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