Bumming A Cigarettiquette

via moneymucker.blogspot.com

via moneymucker.blogspot.com

This post was written with the help of John Foley ’15, Izzy Johnson ’15, and Alisa Rethy ’15. 

Every once in a while, you may be standing around at a party, and you get a hankering for a cig.  And when that time comes, there are behaviors that are tolerable and there are behaviors that are not. Be careful out there. 


  • Cigarette Fairy – A true smoker who is a little too intoxicated to be their usual stingy self. TONIGHT, they shall scatter little cigs to anyone who asks.
  • The Stickler – People who never bum their own cigarettes. OK, this is fine, just don’t ever try to bum one from me.
  • The Apologist – “You are amazing!! Thank you sooo much, I’ve just had the hardest day. You know? Let’s hang out more!”
  • That Exclusive Bunch  – “I’m a Breezeway Girl now, Mom.”

Not Tolerable:

  • The Social Smoker – Walks around bumming cigarettes and winds up in 30 minute conversations with whomever they find.
  • The Judge – “You really shouldn’t smoke, you know?” Except when they’re at a party, and its dark out, and no one can see them workin’ it.
  • The Snatcher – ‘Playfully’ grabs the cigarette from your unprepared fingers while you are in the middle of smoking. Sometimes prances away joyously from your glaring eyes.

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