Getting Freaky, Volume III



Whether you’ve just begun your journey into freakitude or you began it long ago, The Thrill is here to help you improve your safe, consensual sexy sex times by answering your most burning questions. Have a question about x-rated materials? Send us an e-mail at with the subject line Sex Q and we’ll answer it in our next edition. Feeling embarrassed? Not to worry– we’ve set up a Gmail account to allow for anonymous questions. The username is “gettingfreakythrill” and the password is “thethrill”. Log in and shoot us an email, and your question may be featured on the blog!

Q: I’ve never douched before. Is this something I should be doing? Am I disgusting?

Not at all! Actually, you’re a pretty smart cookie. First things first: For those of you who don’t know, “douching” basically means “washing out your vag.” Douches available in stores are sold in bright and shiny packages and smell all pretty and floral and yummy. Lots of ladies douche to get rid of weird smells and goop, and some even claim that douching reduces the risk of STIs and pregnancy. But seriously dude, don’t listen to Jenny from the Block’s vagina advice; listen to me, please! Douching has WAY TOO MANY disadvantages to warrant it. Vaginal infection, Pelvic Inflammatory Disease, and cervical cancer are some of the more serious complications that can arise after douching. In short, don’t do it. Wash yourself with soap and warm water. If you notice some real bad smells or some other crazy stuff going on down there, pay your doc a visit.

Q: I know this is dumb, but does size really matter?

Okay, I’m gonna be straight with you, compadre. It depends on your partner. If you happen to be sexin’ a vagina person, think about it like this: a lot of ladies can’t orgasm from ANY penetration, even if they do enjoy sex. Large peen, small peen, no peen, it doesn’t matter. Paying attention to her clitoris is gonna be much more effective while you fight that battle. If you’re sexin’ a penis person, you’ve got an easier time. You’re likely going to hit the prostate no matter your size. Figure out which positions most please your partner’s sensitive little spot and go from there.

Q: I don’t swallow after performing oral sex, and my partner is kind of weird about it. How do I solve this?

Not swallowing is completely okay! A lot of people think cum tastes weird as hell. Some people puke if they so much as try to swallow, and no one wants that during their time of sexual healing. Your body is being affected by the act of swallowing, so it is absolutely your right to make this decision. If your partner won’t budge even after you’ve made your choice clear, you two need to have a serious chat. Mutual respect of boundaries is really, really important in any sexual relationship.

8 responses

  1. hey, i’m with ya – keep douches away from your vagina (in both senses of the phrase)!

  2. Can we stop saying peen? There is much funnier slang for penis: the little guy with the helmet, the one eyed monster, trouser snake, master of ceremonies,purple-headed warrior, bald-headed yogurt slinger, anaconda, or just penis.

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