How to Be a Person: Where to Buy Drugs

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Reading Daze are on the horizon and we all know what that means. It is time to buy some drugs. That’s right. I said it. Drugs. So, on to the question you are all asking. Where is the best place to obtain some of these so called drugs? Is there a special secret section of Rite Aid that will have all the supplies I need to make this weekend as hazy dazy as possible? Well folks, here is your answer. You can’t buy drugs anywhere because drugs are ILLEGAL. I see you trying to get past the law, you sneaky little dodo birds, but you can’t outrun the law because the law is everywhere. Instead of buying drugs, which is totally illegal, try buying some tootsie rolls. They are chewy and tasty and the market always has them. They aren’t drugs, they are tootsie rolls and therefore they are perfectly legal. You’re welcome for that brilliant advice.

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