On Topic, Off Topic: Fall Break/Reading Days

reading days

Fall Break 2013

On Topic: Fall Break – Fall Break is upon us. So begins four days full of sleeping in, wandering aimlessly around campus, going on adventures through the surrounding area, and happily ignoring the three midterms you have next week.Whether you are traveling to some far away city or just hanging back here in Gambier, it’s a great time to relax and do nothing.

Off Topic: Reading Days – This four-day weekend is also known as Reading Days. To that effect, I spent the majority of Monday afternoon trying to make some Reading-Day-pun related content for the Thrill. Reading Haze, Reading Maze, Reading Lays (Leis?), Reading Craze, Reading Pays, Reading Trays, Reading Baes, Reading Rays, Reading Yays, Reading Hays, Reading Jays, the list goes on and on. It all got rejected, and so I am left with sharing my brilliance here.

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