The Monday Catchup


Good morning! Here’s what you missed over the break:

The lead story: A health worker at a hospital in Dallas has been officially confirmed as the first person inside the US to contract Ebola. The unidentified employee was in contact with a man who had caught Ebola outside the US and was being treated at the hospital in Dallas.

Coming up after the jump: The Nobel Peace Prize, a cyclone, protests in Hong Kong, and much more

A federal judge has struck down a ban in the Alaska constitution banning gay marriage. Alaska plans to appeal the decision

Police in Hong Kong have begun removing barricades installed by anti-government protesters over the past few weeks. The move comes as protesters issue a direct plea to both Chinese President Xi Jiping and the top official in Hong Kong, both pleas have been rejected.

A cyclone touched down in India. Winds up to 200km/hour have been recored and at least ten people are confirmed dead.

UN Chief, Ban Ki-Moon has spoken out against the building of Israeli settlements and calls for renewed peace talks. This comes at the same time as countries around the world have pledged over $5 billion in aid to the Gaza Strip.

Malala Yousafzai has become the youngest winner of the Nobel Peace Prize. Youfsafzai, who was shot by the Taliban three years ago for attending school, is an international advocate for the education of girls. Some wonder,however, how much change she will truly be able to affect given her age and position.

Massachusetts Senator Elizabeth Warren has made a claim that Obama has a record of protecting Wall Street and not families, sparking debate over whether or not the freshman Senator has ruled out a presidential bid in 2016.

The long read: As the nation officially celebrates Columbus Day today, a debate rages over whether or not the holiday should be abandoned in favour of a holiday celebrating the indigenous people of the America.  Here is a list of all places that celebrate Indigenous People’s Day on this day.

The weather: Expect rain and overcast as we move into fall.

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