Klexicon Entry: D is for Dingle

You can have all the pillows you want. Via http://www.hercampus.com

It is the rarest of the rare when it comes to dorm rooms–a space made for two people being occupied by only one, for the price of a double. Whispers of its presence sends the hearts of Kenyon students aflutter with excitement. I am, of course, talking of the famed dingle.

Not surprisingly, one can only come to occupy a dingle after their roommate leaves school or never shows up in the first place (most often seen in freshman dorms). But a pseudo-dingle can be established if one roommate sleeps over with their significant other often enough. Dingles are renowned not only for the extra space, but also for the ability to push the two beds together to make a totally awesome super-bed.

Dingle (din-gl) n. – A dorm room meant to be occupied by two residents, but is only occupied by one.

Kenyon Kontext–  “Yeah, I’ve had a dingle ever since the kid who was going to be my roommate decided to stay home so he could work on a free range, grass-fed asparagus farm.”

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