Mom Texts: Texts from a Mom, Vol. I

Don’t want to embarrass her too much, so here’s her FB profile picture of an Argentine food vendor from a couple of years ago

Moms are wonderful people.  They care and nurture you as you grow up, but are still there for you when you’re a big boy or girl.  And, best of all, they text you.  Rather a lot, if you’re my mom.  And some of those texts are quite wonderful in their quirky, mom way.  That doesn’t even include her Instagram full of flowers and action figure Benjamin Franklins.

  • “Just think about what you write and the implications.  If they make me look naive, good. An idiot, no :-). (Please!)” – Because, as my wise older brother pointed out, a future employer of my mom’s might find this article and judge her for it.
  • “Except for 1 direction, thumbs up” – After I went to the poster sale, I sent a picture of my wall to my mom to show her.  I was confused when I got this response.  I had no One Direction poster on my wall, because, unfortunately, the poster sale did not have any, which still makes me mad.  But, I digress.  It turns out that my mom had thought that my poster of the Breakfast Club was actually One Direction.
  • “👍😊😄👏❤️” – This might be one of the strangest ones I’ve gotten.  It was sent in the group chat that consists of myself, my sister, my brother, his fiancee, and my mom without context, almost five hours after a conversation about “Quest for Justice” ended.
  • “Random mom text: @ClevelandClinic: Drinking 1 can of soda per day, sugar-sweetened or diet, increases a person’s risk of stroke over time by 16%.  One more reason not to drink soda ” – My mom is very anti-soda, and did not allow us to have soda until we were 9 years old. To this day, she continues to wage her war on the sugary, chemical infused drink known as pop in the midwest where she grew up.
  • “We enjoyed our short visit with you & are already counting down the days to Thanksgiving!”  – As much as I give my mom sass for her texts, she’s awesome and I know she’s here for me.

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