Made in Peirce: Caramel Apples

Bobbing for apples, bobbing for dreams. This is what caramel apples are made of.

Bobbing for apples, bobbing for dreams. This is what caramel apples are made of.

If you haven’t noticed the heaps of leaves on Middle Path or the new Pumpkin Lattes at Wiggins, Kenyon is in full autumnal swing. Apples are in season, and you can count on Peirce anytime to provide you with this delicious fruit. While you may be eating pumpkin muffins or cinnamon buns right now to cover your fall love, the true king of all fall deserts, caramel apples, is still missing from your life. It’s something so innocent and beautiful from your childhood, and you can make this festive desert in Peirce in under three minutes.

First walk into the servery to assemble ingredients. Chose carefully; your apple can’t be too small but also you don’t want one the size of a hedgehog. Once you’ve selected your apple, grab a to-go cup and head to the ice cream station. Fill that cup as full as you want with the caramel sauce. Some days when you feel like mixing your tears into the caramel you should pour a little bit more. Just know that caramel will always be your emotional outlet.

Now head to the bagel station. You see that strange clear container with brown powder in it? No, it’s not some dust gathered from Middle Path. This is the holiest of condiments- cinnamon sugar. If you are not acquainted with this beautiful substance, take a moment to thank Chef Meagan and Peirce for blessing us and all future deserts and fruits with it. Pour some into your caramel mixture and I can promise you it will feel like seeing snow for the first time.

All you ever should need i a cup.

All you ever should need in a cup.

Now that you have your ingredients together, cut your apple into eight (or nine) equally distributed slices.

*Perfectly* cut

*Perfectly* cut

Dip each slice into the mixture, being sure to mix the caramel and cinnamon as you dip. ProTip: to make dipping easier tear the sides of the cup so your hand can be closer to the caramel. Once you are finished with your apple slices, go back to the servery and repeat until you can see the Great Pumpkin rising from Peirce’s floors.

Perfect combo. I can see the leaves now.

Perfect combo. I can see the leaves now.

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