The Baggage They Left Behind

me alone on Family Weekend (notice my smile)

Well, I survived my first Family Weekend! Since my parents didn’t come, it allowed me to observe and people watch instead of entertaining family relations.  And honestly, people watching is better than family.  One thing I particularly noticed was the amount of baggage, physical and emotional, left over after the parents left. That and the relief I felt when I could finally find a table in Peirce and go to the bathroom without seeing a single parent.

There was so much physical baggage left behind – especially in my room.  My roommate’s mom (the sweetest and nicest lady ever, who I love so much) came into our room Thursday night carrying two plastic Jack-O-Lanterns full of candy.  She also brought a nice shag rug which we desperately needed, a new coat rack, and Christmas lights.  Our room now looks much better and is starting to feel like home.

And don’t forget all those parents from down south that absconded with their kids and took them to Easton or Columbus to buy winter gear.  I imagine many people’s closets are just quite a bit more cramped now.

I would bet a respectable amount of money that some parents, if they’re like my family, actually left behind baggage and are now halfway home without their toothbrush.

As far as emotional baggage goes, it seems to be pretty stellar.  What I hear the most is just that “it was a good weekend,” as one friend put it.  That’s very reassuring.

Someone else said, “I think my parents were sad to go but find comfort in the fact that I’m happy here at Kenyon.”  Very sweet and the feeling that most parents probably have.

Of course, there are lots of homesick people now, realizing that they do in fact appreciate their parents – “I miss my parents more than I did two weeks ago.”

But truly, the only baggage left behind was the lack of sleep.  Tonight, my peers and I will sleep well no matter.  Since everybody and their mother was here, we were all constantly on.  I had flashbacks to Orientation.

So, overall, not a bad weekend it seems!  Lots of physical baggage and the emotional baggage left to a minimum.

Good-bye parents!  Thanks for treating us to non-Peirce food for a little while!


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