The Monday Catchup

The New York TImes


Good morning! Here’s what you missed over the weekend:

The lead story: Turkey will provide aid to Kurdish troops in their fight for the town of Kobani, on the border between Syria and Turkey. The Kurdish troops have been withstanding attacks from ISIS for over a month.

Coming up after the jump: Ebola fears, Ray Rice, Romney 2016 and moreHillary Clinton remains the front runner among candidates for the Democrats. Meanwhile, the GOP field, long a scattered race, seems to be once again falling back on Mitt Romney, who leads the polls.

US hospitals fear that Ebola panic will be highly prevalent this flu season, as patients are already coming into emergency rooms terrified that they have the virus.

Ray Rice, the former NFL player suspended for assaulting his wife, could return to the NFL this season if his appeal is successful.

After the San Francisco Giants advanced to the World Series against the Kansas City Royals, a San Francisco radio station has banned the playing of pop-singer Lorde’s Royals.

It has been expected that the GOP will retake the Senate during the midterm elections this November. Polls show that this will be in part due to high turnout among Republican voters and low turnout among Democrats.

The long read: Still confused about the Ebola virus? Here are some resources to help you understand it. Here’s one and another and a third

The weatherExpect cooler temperatures and cloudy skies this week with rain today and tomorrow.


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