Overheard at Kenyon: Family Weekend Edition

via russellbooks.wordpress.com

Parent trying to one-up their kid: “At Dartmouth we had four dining facilities…”

JT-Loving Mom: “Timberlake… do people ever ask if this house is named after Justin Timberlake?”

Confused Poppa: “The VI… so do some people just call it ‘The 6?'”

Jealous First Year: “I think everybody likes their roommate’s parents more than their own.”

Parent who is clearly not an alum: “So does Old Kenyon always smell like this?”

Grateful Mother, to AVI: “Well, I gotta say, that cookie pie was pretty good.”

Dad with better foresight than most Kenyon students: “I don’t want to O.D. on Chipotle and turn my toilet bowl in a burrito bowl.”

Magician: “Pick a food, pick any food in the world.”

  • Creative Dad: “Pizza.”

Inquisitive Parents at a Party: “Ohh so that’s what Riot Punch is…”

Over-Stimulated Parent: “They call it Parents’ Weekend, but it should really be called Parent-Child Love Weekend.”

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