The Adventures of D-Cat

This post was co-authored by Julia Lindsay and Nate Rosenberg. 

It’s always been a wonder to us how D-Cat spends his spare time.  So, naturally we decided to let you guys in on what he does when you’re not watching. By this, of course we mean that we turned him into a Sim.

Like any good college student, D-Cat likes to enjoy some juice with the ladiez on the weekends.

Unfortunately, D-Cat’s dance skills don’t always work on the ladiez and they walk on by.

He tries to make it to the KAC on a Sunday morning, but it doesn’t always go smoothly.  

But thanks to the hoards of servants who take care of our beloved president, he’s able to nurture his hangover in style.

Just like us, D-Cat can’t always be perfect, and he really struggles to get along with his roommates.

And let’s not even talk about his cooking skills.

No matter what he does though, he is by far cooler than the rest of us.  




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