On Topic, Off Topic: Middle Path

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Just another beautiful day at Kenyon 🍁🍃🍂

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On Topic: It’s Fall and Middle Path Looks Nice – Everybody and their mother have been posting the same damn photo of Middle Path and the trees in Fall. It looks nice, we get it. But at some point, it gets old. I, for one, would like to see some #tbt posts of Middle Path in winter. It’d be a nice reminder of what is to come. But since that likely won’t happen, I guess just enjoy the nice weather while it lasts.

Off Topic: Middle Path Construction – It was mentioned in last week’s issue of the Collegian, but it seems to have gone mostly unnoticed by students (at least the one’s I’ve talked to): the construction on the North end of Middle Path is nearly done. No longer will going from Lewis to Mather require a detour to the Market. Now it will be easier to get to Bexley (because everybody goes there, right?)

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