UPDATE: Clery Act Numbers Finalized

After confusion and suspicion that Kenyon was not complying with the federal Clery Act, stemming from a blog post on feministing.com, and reported on by the Thrill, the college today released revised numbers which assure compliance with both the Clery Act and the Violence Against Women Reauthorization Act (VAWRA). The confusion was mostly cleared up in a Collegian article, published last week, which assured that the college had been in compliance with the Clery Act, but not with the VAWRA.

The numbers were announced to the student body via student-info, and are available on the Kenyon website.

The e-mail explains:

Representatives of the Campus Safety Office and Division of Student Affairs, working together, re-examined and reconciled incident reports for calendar year 2013.

The updated numbers report an increase in forcible sex offenses, rising from 2-8.

The number of on campus aggravated assaults and burglaries also increased from 2012 to 2013, from 0-3 and 15-22 respectively.

2 responses

  1. 2 questions just out of curiosity:

    what does the school / the laws under which these statistics are reported define as forcible vs. non-forcible sex offenses?

    what is “In or on a non campus building or property?” could this be anywhere as long as it involves a kenyon student?

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