Kenyon Pets: Titus the Bee

This is a bee. His name is Titus.

This is a bee. His name is Titus.

It all began when a simple bee flew in a window and into the Coke can of Lane Yates, ’18. Little did either of them imagine that they had begun a friendship of epic proportions. But so they had. The bee was named Titus, and his personality was staggering. Normally, Kenyon Pets features an interview with the pet itself, however in the interest of accuracy in journalism, I feel it necessary to note that Titus himself could not be present, as Yates, (at the prompting of Casey Harner, also ’18) had set his buzzing buddy free. Notwithstanding, stories like that of Titus are worthy of being shared. I sat down with Yates to learn more about their unlikely bond.

  • What was Titus’ favorite food? Sugar, or sugary drinks, like Coke. He liked some flowers, but others not at all.
  • Favorite movie? Bee Movie. He found it very inspiring.
  • Favorite song? Started From The Bottom by Drizzy (Drake). He really liked to buzz to that.
  • Major? Political science. Titus was very interested in money and power, and how to get both of those things.
  • Dislikes? Colony collapse. People saying “Get that bee out of here. I hate that bee.”
  • Any advice for those who may want a pet bee? Let the bee come into your life – don’t capture it – get to know it, see what its desires and interests are and then let it go.
A portrait of the two pals together

A portrait of the two pals together

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