Halloween 101: How to Spook your Roommate

From this they will SURELY get a fright!

From this they will SURELY get a fright!

Have you ever been scared? It is not fun. But scaring other people is a lot of fun, especially when you live in a room with them! I am very good at scaring people, so I am going to tell you how to scare people. Maybe get a video camera because when you scare your roommate their face will be VERY FUNNY! Isn’t that very cool? I think so.

Put a paper bag on your head and yell. If you need to see, you could cut out some eye holes. Turn the lights on (so they can see you) and wait for your roommate to come home. When they open the door, yell “BOO!” or “BOP!” or another word (probably one that starts with “B”). Did they jump a little and go “Ah!”? Of course they did! You are very spooky.

Poke them while they’re in bed. Are they asleep? Are they reading? Who cares? You are very spooky! Walk up to them quietly and poke them gently. Don’t hurt them; they are your friend. They will probably be confused and scared. Good job!

Open a window and let in a light breeze. They will probably not notice you while you’re opening the window, so when the breeze comes in and moves their hair a little, they will think it is a ghost! Wow! You are very spooky. Your roommate should be scared of you.

Pretend you are a spider or a snake. Ahhh! What is that on the floor? Is it a spider? Is it a snake? No, it is you, spooking your roommate, because you are very spooky! Great job, they probably got really scared!

Put a picture of a ghost by their bed. They will probably ask “Where did this ghost come from?” Little do they know it was you being very sneaky and spooky. Ghosts are the scariest thing probably ever, so they will surely be scared by your ghost picture.

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