10 o’clock list: Kenyon Themed Costumes II

via The Bulletin

via The Bulletin

Halloween is just around the corner, and we here at The Thrill cannot stand to see people searching for costume ideas at the last minute. Check out our new ideas after the jump!

  1. Yik-Yak. Hit ‘em with the big guns: throw on a green bodysuit with a white t-shirt and start inviting people to write the first offensive thing that comes to mind on you while they’re sitting on the toilet, taking a shit.
  2. The Soy Milk Machine. Let’s be real, the machine wasn’t working anyway. Steal it and throw it on your body. It was already a constant disappointment to people with lactose problems, why not make it less subtle?
  3. CDOgre. These e-mails are terrifying. Print them out, glue them to your body and never take them off. Then all you have to do is continuously yell at people to hang out with you. This is not limited to Halloween.
  4. Ghost. Go boo a lot and hang out in the Caples elevator. Guaranteed good night.
  5. ***The Kenyon Sign.*** This is a group costume!!! Stand on Wiggin Street and become significantly more rectangular in your torso and head, then get your friends to pose as a family photo. Props if none of you know how to work a camera and someone is “so over it, dad!”

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