Klexicon Entry: E is for Edelstein House

edelstein house

Honestly, financial aid was so scary before I actually got here. It seemed overwhelming and stressful and gross and blech. But the first time I stepped foot into Edelstein house, it was life changing.

The people who work there are absolute angels, and I’m not saying that lightly. They turn the most frightening aspect of a college education into a positive experience. Not to mention the fact that my favorite Gambier cat (the little gray one whom I affectionately refer to as Slayer) hangs out around there. A+, would go again.

Edelstein House (Eh-duhl-steen How-s) n. One of Gambier’s many residence-turned-office buildings that houses the Office of Financial Aid. Located next to Peirce.

Kenyon Kontext – “It’s a joy to spend time at Edelstein House, seeing as it’s decked out with a sweet porch, the friendliest staff ever, and a snuggly kitty.”

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