Project Open Voices: Family

The Thrill is proud to feature personal narratives courtesy of Project Open Voices, a coalition of students providing a platform for open dialogue on campus. Today’s essay is titled “Family” and was authored anonymously. POV is always accepting new submissions, so if you want to share your story, email If you would like to remain anonymous, you can submit by signing into a second email account: (password: kenyoncollege). POV meets Saturdays at 4pm in the Bemis music room in Peirce; new faces are always welcome. 

Tonight my uncle came out to me. After doing so, he asked me if I’d known and I told him that I had. When I was thirteen or fourteen I overheard a relative ask him if he had been on another date with some guy. I was young and I didn’t think much of it. I never had to think twice about it because it didn’t matter. He is family. He is blood. He is my mother’s brother, not to mention the most caring and selfless human being I know.
He then turned to me and asked me if this changes anything. I put my arm around him and said, “I think you know the answer to that question.” He said that he did.
This past semester I was at a party hanging out with some friends and talking when someone angrily yelled “faggot” across the beer pong table to one of his opponents.
A piece of me died.

3 responses

  1. “a piece of me died” lol must be hard for you to bear the weight of others’ oppression. but dont forget thatt all those horrible people have a right to voice their opinion! dont silence them! #respectfuldeference

  2. I’m sorry you felt uncomfortable, but…does Project Open Voices just publish anything? This is really sloppily composed to the point that it seems like it was written in maybe five minutes, and basically consists of “I have a gay uncle, and am uncomfortable with the use of homophobic slurs”. I feel like POV is useful as a platform for members of systematically oppressed minority groups to express their experiences and I guess I have gotten used to these expressions being a little more nuanced and informative in the past.

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