Childhood Halloween Memories and Photos II

We’ve collected some of the best photos and memories of the Thrill staff’s favorite Halloweens. It’s the same thing we did two years ago, only better. Today we are featuring the stories and photos of our newest writers. Check back later in the week for those of our old writers.

Rachel Gorlin ’17:

rachel gorlin

Yasmin Nesbat ’18: 


“Here’s a pic of me being this emoji before that emoji was a thing–all my Halloween stories are lame but that picture’s pretty cool because it proves I’m a psychic.”

Shayne Wagner ’18:


“Eleven years have passed and I still wear just as much black, red lipstick, and distant facial expressions”

Sam Roschewsk ’18:

sam rosch 2sam rosch 1“This was taken in 1999 when I was about 3 years old during my first halloween in Brooklyn with my cousins. My mom says she remembers that we went to the house of some rich italian guy who was giving out dollar bills instead of candy, which delighted my older cousin, but confused my 3-year-old brain immensely. My cousin (featured above in the badass batman costume) then explained to me that it was money, and that he, being a 5 year old genius, had already mapped out where all the other houses that handed out money were. He had memorized several of their addresses. “

Elana Spivack ’17: “Sooooooooooo Halloween of my junior year of high school I went trick-or-treating (because trick-or-treating when you’re 16 is super cool) with my 5 best friends. One of them had been crushin’ on me for a while, and I had just broken up with my previous boyfriend so best friend dude decided to make a move and ~*~hold my hand~*~ while we’re walking along. Our other friends teased us but they all totally saw it coming so nobody was surprised. More steamy hand-holding for the rest of trick-or-treating (more treats than tricks for me that night, amirite ladiez?). Then we all go back to a friend’s house and we eat candy and watch “How to Train Your Dragon” because duh what else would you do? and the whole time the guy and I are *cuddling*, and the next day we become the next Brangelina. Thus, how I got a boyfriend on Halloween in high school.”

Julia Lindsay ’18:

julia lindsay




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