Childhood Halloween Memories and Photos III

We’ve collected some of the best photos and memories of the Thrill staff’s favorite Halloweens. It’s the same thing we did two years ago, only better. To see the first half of this year’s photos and memories, click here.

Gracie Potter ’17: scangracie0012

“That was the first time I ever had lipstick on my mouth, so I refused to open my mouth to speak. My mom would remind me that I could speak normally every so often, so I would open my mouth for a few words. After that, though, it was back to tight-lipped Princess Amadala mode.”

Izzy Sanderson ’15:


Natasha Preston ’17: photo (2)

Matt Delbridge ’16: “In fourth grade I dressed up like a samurai, but some older kid made fun of me and called me a Gundam or something at our school’s Halloween parade. I got really angry and cried a lot, because I reacted that way to pretty much everything back then, so I walked around the school as a sobbing samurai.” “In (I think) first grade I dressed up as Harry Potter before the whole craze started, and no one knew who I was. They thought I was just some weird kid with black robes and a scar (which wasn’t completely wrong).”

Olivia Grabar Sage ’15:

Olivia Halloween 3

Nathaniel Shahan ’17:


Annaliese Milano ’16:


Kate Lindsay ’15:


Emma Specter ’15: 

244-001Mary Alice Jackson ’15:



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