SPOOKY Weekend Playlist brought to you by THE COMPANY!

Happy Halloweeeeen lil ghouls! Getting freaky this Friday night? Planning on getting spooky this Saturday? Well never fear, THE COMPANY is here to provide you with some Halloween themed tunes. Listen, drink, put on a costume, dance, love, life, happiness, halloween – happy listenin bbz.


  1. “I Put A Spell On You” from Hocus Pocus

 Hear more **spoooooooooky** songs after the jump!

2. “Werewolf Bar Mitzvah” from 30 Rock


3. “This Is Halloween” from Nightmare Before Christmas

4. “No Good Deed” Idina Menzel from Wicked, because Broadway, and witches.

5. “Superficial” Heidi Montag – Truly frightening.

6. Need a last-minute costume suggestion? How about a “Maneater” or a “Shewolf”?

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