Weekend Drink: The First of November

via mayacreek.org

via mayacreek.org

Happy Day After Halloween, everyone. In a weird twist of fate, it’s November now, so we’ve created The First of November to help ease the transition. Before making this drink, take a shower and wash off all the blood and brains caked into your skin from last night. 

  1. Take a nice little grinder (I’m thinking something like this), and grind some of those crunchy leaves up. Set aside to use for topping later.
  2. Squish some apples, strain out the juice, and heat it with some cinnamon sticks until it tastes somewhat like apple cider. Alternatively, buy some apple cider.
  3. Add anywhere from a touch to a dollop of whiskey, depending on your state of mind.
  4. If you have anything pumpkin-flavored (pancake mix, pumpkin spice powder, whole pumpkins, etc.), just throw that on in.
  5. Sprinkle the leaves from Step One on top for a true November feeling, and you are ready to go. Or really, to sit inside all day hiding.

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