A Review of the New Middle Path

photo (12)

Ever since the trees came down over the summer, we’ve been waiting with bated breath for the big reveal. Will it still feel the same? Will it be accessible? Can I cut across it when walking from the Quad to McBride jebus yuo guys I’m sO dRUNk?

The Thrill went to test it out, and we’re happy to say the path is back and better than ever.

photo 3

It’s so very sturdy. We jumped up and down on it a lot. It didn’t even break a little bit.

photo 1

You can totally still pass out drunk on it and cry!

photo 2 (1)

You can still avoid eye contact and pretend to be on your phone. It’s like it was never gone!

Have you tried the new path yet? Did you like it? Don’t do your homework–write to us in the comments. Please. We are so very lonely and have to play with paths to pass the time.

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    • shhh traditions begin and end with whatever thrill editors decide and your experience amounts to nothing next to their instagram magic and sorry your friends aren’t the most beautiful/interesting otherwise they’d be in the thrill too

  1. I’m compiling a Kenyon dictionary and I’m going to put that last picture next to the definition for “generic white hipster girls”

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