The Monday Catchup

via USA Today

Good morning! Here’s what you missed over this Halloweekend:

The lead story: Thirteen years after the 9/11 terrorist attacks, One World Trade Center is opening today. The first of a new World Trade Center Complex in Lower Manhattan, the building is already 60% leased, with the publisher Conde Nast moving into five floors today.

Coming up after the jump: American Psycho in Hong Kong, Virgin Galactic crash, ISIS, Hillary Clinton, Ted Cruz, and more…

In true American Psycho style, a British national working for Bank of America Merrill Lynch in Hong Kong has been accused of murder after two women were found decomposing in his luxury apartment.

The fight against ISIS escalates as Canadian jets join the US, Britain and Australia in airstrikes against the terrorist group in Iraq. More Kurds also join the fight against ISIS in Syria.

A Virgin Galactic rocket broke up in flight last Friday, killing the pilot and seriously injuring the co-pilot. The crash is currently attributed to co-pilot error. This sets Virgin Galactic back as it works towards offering commercial spaceflight.

No announcement has been made, but Hillary Clinton made a trip to New Hampshire over the weekend, a key early primary state in the presidential election.

With the Republicans poised to gain a majority in the Senate tomorrow, Ted Cruz announces that he will not support Sen. Mitch McConnell for Senate Majority Leader.

The long read: Rather than one long piece, I present a series of articles on the midterm elections, available here, here, and here. Additionally, check out these predictions for Senate races compiled by Nate Silver.

The weatherCold and rainy this week with a possibility of snow on Friday, welcome to November folks.

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