Overheard at Kenyon: Halloweekend

This post was co-compiled by Julia Lindsay ’18 and Shayne Wagner ’18.

Hopeful Girl in Wiggle: If I met Daniel Radcliffe do you think he’d be attracted to me?

Friend Who’s Keepin’ it Real: I think he’d be polite.


Uncultured Senior: Is this one direction?

Slightly More Cultured Friend: This is k pop, you ass.


Definitely not Floyd on Old Side: People STILL keep calling me Floyd, even now!


Not Even Remotely German First-Year: I woke up with a Lederhosen in my bed.

Culturally Unaware Junior: It’s just like in North Korea*

[Ed: it’s actually, probably nothing like North Korea]


Extremely Confident Girl: Every hookup has a winner and a loser, and I always win.


Busty Boy in the Duplex: You could cop a feel!

Less Drunk Girls: It is 2 AM. Take the bra off.

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