10 o’clock list: The Signs of The Holidays You’re Already Seeing

This pumpkin is frustrated with your early November festivities

Halloween has sadly come and gone, and with it the leaves begin to fall and the pumpkins spice lattes become less frequent, which means only one thing– The holiday season is upon us! That’s right kids, November 1st means it’s time throw those jack o’ lanterns out the window of your residence hall and hang that tinsel!! (What do you mean we forgot Thanksgiving? That’s ridiculous.) Here are some signs it’s already taken over Gambier

1. Wiggin Street Coffee: As soon Halloweekend ended, Wiggins took down its sign for its festive pumpkin drinks in exchange for a new holiday specialty–the Ginger Creme Mocha! Perfect for all those in the Holiday spirit!

2. Middle Path Sales: The thrift shop on Middle Path, which last week featured masks and costumes for those without a costume last minute, now features and abundance of big patterned sweaters which would be perfect for that Ugly Christmas Sweater Party that your mom always insists on having.

3. That One Friend That’s Already Singing About Sleigh Bells: We all know Christmas music is catchy. Now suddenly everyone thinks it’s acceptable to actually sing the stuff out loud. Not before long you’ll hear those sleigh bells ring-ting-ting-aling too in your head 24/7. Have fun with that.

4. The First Years From California Really Excited About Snow: Just the other day I heard someone say how they can’t wait to build a snowman. Oh sweet summer child. Soon you will understand how cold and wicked (and icy) this world truly is.

5. Snowman Peeps and Christmas Tree Reese’s at the Bookstore: Treat yourself. ‘Nuff said.

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