Kenyon Alumni and Staff on Diversity


Last week we alerted our readers to an op-ed in the Baltimore Sun written by Matthew Gerson ’18 on the lack of diversity at small liberal arts colleges. This week we would like to announce the publishing of another article on diversity, written by Zahida Sherman, Assistant Director of Diversity, Equity & Inclusion.

Sherman’s article, published on the website, expresses her frustration, not only with how few students of color are at small liberal arts colleges, but how little black families know about these schools. Making the point that only 3% of American students apply to liberal arts schools, she explains that the percentage for black students is even smaller. Sherman’s article is a very good description of the liberal arts and why students could benefit from attending a school like Kenyon. The piece, while certainly geared towards black students (For Harriet professes to be “an online community for women of African ancestry”) could certainly be helpful to any student who is unaware of what the liberal arts are. Read the article here.

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