Klexicon Entry: F is for Fry Pie

My first fry pie

My first fry pie

If you, dear reader, ever happen to frequent the Market, you may have noticed some wax-paper-wrapped pastries on a shelf right next to the check-out counter. You may have wondered what they were. Simple: fry pies.

Fry pie (frye pye) n. A locally concocted treat available for purchase at the Market, consisting of a flaky crust and a filling, which might be a variety of fruit flavors or chocolate, depending on what you buy. On a personal note, they resemble Hostess Fruit Pies from the ads in comic books.

Kenyon Kontext: “We just watched you eat seven fry pies in one sitting. Your commitment to local business and foods is both a little off-putting and extremely inspiring.”

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