The Friday Ketchup


This is the Friday Ketchup. I know you all have been pretty busy this week, and may not have been able to keep up, so here it is- the Friday Ketchup.

A bunch of people voted for some reason, and that one guy from American Idol lost again. You know the one. I didn’t know you could go on that show more than once. It seems a little unfair to Ruben Studdard. I wonder what Ruben is up to?

Uhhh, some other stuff happened, too, but most people seemed really focused on voting, so I guess nothing all that important happened. News stories are nice that way. When a big one happens, pretty much all the other stories just go home and wait their turn to be covered. Stories have a real nice sense of community.

I looked up Ruben Studdard on a web search engine. He’s still making music. Here he is performing on the Steve Harvey Show back in April:

Well, that was the Friday Ketchup. See you guys later.

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