10 o’clock list: Appropriate Places to Cry on Campus

sobbing toddler girl

Oh, boy, bringing out the big guns tonight, guys. It’s that time of year; you’ve been working nonstop since fall break, it’s starting to get dark before you eat dinner, and someone keeps farting very near by you. It’s November. If you’re like me, you’re pretending like none of this is stressing you out- not your two research papers, not your social life, and definitely not the soda situation in Peirce. EVERYTHING IS FINE- until Sunday night. So take a deep breath, and read on to find out where you can go to cry it out tonight!


  1. The Line for Fries. If you have to be miserable, why shouldn’t everyone else?! Make their day a living hell by blocking the fry line for the entirety of every meal. You won’t be the only one crying by the end of it!
  2. Your Roommate’s Bed. When you cry in your own bed it’s depressing. But when it’s your roommates bed, it’s quirky, so snuggle on up and have a good cry. After all, their parents loved them enough to buy them a tempurpedic pillow- why shouldn’t you enjoy the finer things in life?
  3. Office Hours. They say you can arrive without any questions, but did you know you could also arrive with all of them? Begin your sobbing by asking, “I thought I was doing so well?” Other questions should include, but are not limited to: “Where did the Diet Dr. Pepper go, and when will it be back?”, “How…How..Why…I can’t…?”, and “Why won’t my dog skype me back?”
  4. Swim Practice. Who said the practice wasn’t open to anyone*? No one can see you crying when you’re in the pool, and exercise is supposed to help you unwind! Dive on in and try to keep up with the big dogs. They’ll thank you for it come spring, I’m sure!
  5. The Library. “It’s too quiet. Where did my pen go? This is a metaphor for my inability to create permanence in my life.” And cue waterworks.

*Probably someone.

Also sometimes things are just way too much and crying in the fry line is actually happening and the PC’s can help you out @ 740-398-3806

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