Senior Class President Tells You What You Missed at Soiree

Just a class act all around. (image via

It’s Monday, and some of the seniors are finally done picking up the shambles of their post-Soiree night. Soiree was a classy affair, worthy of the likes of Mr. Peanut or the guy from the Monopoly board game. We sang karaoke, took pictures with our first year year roommates, and realized with glee that some people who we had thought graduated were actually still here, and had been in our grade all along.

Senior class president Maddy Jacobs ’15, along with the rest of the senior class committee, was in charge of cleaning up the aftermath in the Great Hall on Saturday night. The clean-up crew currently has a collection of single stiletto shoes, jackets and purses that would suggest that many of the seniors left Peirce half-barefoot and penniless.  I sat down with Maddy to see if some of what they found could help us piece together the remainder of our existence:

“I think I found a retainer. Or I guess, a mouth guard? I don’t know why that was there…For some reason there was a really strong showing of single packets of hot sauce just everywhere around [when we were cleaning up]. And like…we did not provide hot sauce; that was not something provided by senior class council through AVI.” Maddy was ultimately glad that everyone seemed to have had such a good time.

“Well, you know, you’ve got your dancing on table people, your ‘let’s throw a whole cup of red wine across the room’ people, your ‘let’s pour beer on the sound equipment’ people, but you know what, you can’t win ‘em all, none of it was severely damaging.” In fact, the class of 2015 was surprisingly low on high jinks on Saturday night. For once maybe we can say “This is why we can have nice things.”

“Tacci said that in comparison to other years, our grade was relatively tame, quite well behaved and overall pretty decent,” Maddy explained.

“We really broke the streak of people pulling shenanigans on the balcony; there were no shenanigans…pretty awesome. Dean Toutain was pumped about it too.”

But what made this year different than any other? Traditionally the commencement speaker is announced from on high to the members of the senior class in the Great Hall below. With this year’s “cat’s out of the bag” approach to announcing Martha Raddatz, maybe the balcony went unnoticed.

“I just really want to make a point to highlight the intense class unity that the Class of 2015 has. There were some chants, it got rowdy—people had a good time.”

Whether or not you wish you had wreaked some good old fashioned havoc, it’s safe to say that things got weird. The class of 2015 slipped and slid their way into shoe-less history as we passed through our first senior year tradition.

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