Senior Soiree: Expectations vs. Reality


Soiree was on Saturday night, and everyone went into it with preconceived notions passed down by seniors prior. As Summer teaches us, what you expect is never how it really is. Put on The Smiths and see how things really unfolded.*


  • Senior A — Don’t know what I’m gonna wear, but know I’m gonna get wasted.
  • Senior B — Classy and trashy.
  • Senior C — I will find the perfect dress that makes me feel both like an emerging adult and like a child at heart and I will dance the night away.
  • Senior D — “Oh my god I’m so excited but this year is going by so fast! / HELP SATAN FUCK FUCK FUCK FUCK SATAN AAAAAAHH I DON’T WANT TO DIE”
  • Senior E — “mayeb i will get blisters on my feet but food and fun and friends are worth it i think”
  • Senior F — Moist and mighty, like Moaning Myrtle’s last stand.
  • Senior G — I expect Soiree to be like an Inaugural Ball: I am Michelle Obama, and Beyonce is serenading me, and being “escorted out” by “campus safety” for “stripping” will never change that.
  • Senior H — OMG. Soiree has all the elements of a popular story. It reeks of all-Americanness, tension and drama. It has romance. Pretty dresses. Dancing. Limos. College. Coming of age. I can’t wait for senior soiree. 
  • Senior I — I will walk into the room and it will be a Hermione-at-the-Yule-Ball-esque moment and everybody will see me in a different light and be like wow, I wish I had never written that mean thing on her Thrill article. [Ed. Hi, Kate. xoxo, Emma.]


  • Senior C: It was magical. I loved everybody. We danced in a pool of wine. Thank you and goodnight.
  • Senior A: I didn’t cry once which was both surprising and comforting.
  • Senior D: Well, my comforter is now sitting in a garbage bag outside my NCA because it has vomit on it, so thanks for the free alcohol, Kenyon. Also, this bruise resulted from having to be “fireman carried” down a flight of stairs because I couldn’t walk in my heels:photo (14)
  • Senior E: Everyone would have been crying if there wasn’t the pressure to stay pretty for pictures.
  • Senior F: I’m deeply disturbed by the rapid approach of the end of my college experience. I’m simultaneously sick of all of these finely dressed people and terrified of losing them. Time to take out my frustration by dumping an entire punch bowl of strawberry yogurt onto the ground, camping out, and watching people slip.
  • Senior B: I was in love with everything.
  • Senior I: These cuts and bruises don’t look like much in this photo but I swear they hurt and I don’t know how they got there:
    photo (13)

*To find out how things really, really unfolded, stay tuned for our conversation with Maddy Jacobs ’15, Senior Class President, who stayed after to clean up our mess.

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