Kenyon Pets: Heppy the Pug


Look at this furry loaf of bread!

Heppy is a fairly new face on campus, belonging to Professor Schoenfeld of the English Department. He can be occasionally found scampering around in Lentz House during office hours, wagging his tail and gnawing on miscellaneous bone-like objects. Check out Heppy’s exclusive interview after the jump!

How old are you? One year, but don’t let my youth fool you. My intellect is as seasoned and refined as a well-smoked Gruyere.

Are you bilingual? Yes, as a matter of fact. In addition to English, I am fluent in Pug Latin.

How do you stay active? I’m an avid jogger but recently I’ve been trying out the KAC weight room.

You lift? Well I mostly go for the ambiance. So many smells!

Favorite poet? Whitman.

Least favorite poet? T.S. Eliot, that cat-loving piece of filth.

Whoa, there. Sorry, I don’t mean to get heated. It’s just that a cat stepped on me once and I’ve never quite gotten over it.


Absolutely adorable


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