Kenyon Side Projects: P.F. Kluge and Doug Givens

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This interview was conducted and recorded by Janie Simonton ’15.

In 1999, P.F. Kluge and Doug Givens embarked on what they refer to as the “Knox County Motocross.” What began as simply driving the perimeter of the county, turned into an adventure that’s lasted almost sixteen years.

“We decided to take one or two townships at a time,” Kluge explained. “The idea was to cover every inch of those townships.”

With this exploration came surprises. The pair stumbled upon many odds and ends, ranging from large chunks of airplanes to abandoned houses to ravines.

Doug’s take may differ from mine. We discovered all these places that used to be towns. Crossroads, settlements, where you could see what used to be a grocery store or gas station…So we had a sense of the past…The handsomest part of the county, I think we decided, is not here. This is a nice hill, but. It’s the northeastern and northwestern corners of the county, which are really beautiful and hilly and rural.

After all this time, the two have three townships left to cover. Winter months are approaching, and desire to explore is waning, but Kluge leaves us with this thought:

It’s just continuously surprising what you find, and we both feel that we live here, you know? We don’t just live in Gambier, but we live in this county and we explore it and learn something from it.

Listen to the full interview here:

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