Step UP!: Bystander Intervention Training (is Today!)

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Today, during Common Hour and at 8 p.m. in Rosee Hall, Sue Cacciotti Sherburne, the assistant athletic director at the University of Maryland, will be on campus to lead a training session in bystander intervention. In an email to The Thrill, the Counseling Center explained what the program is:

The facilitator who will be doing the program is Sue Sherbourne from the University of Maryland, Baltimore. The program is designed to support students in recognizing and empowering them in situations that might be considered risky behavior. For example, dangerous drinking, sexual misconduct, discrimination, hazing etc. We had a wonderful turn out last year with about 80 students that were representatives from sports teams, Greek organizations and those interested in learning more about how to intervene. We hope to have a similar, if not bigger turn out this year.

The Common Hour presentation is an overview,  and the evening is a specialized two hour program called “train the trainer” . This includes a manual and is designed for those who attend the evening discussion to be able to take the ideas back to there respective organizations and “train” others.
It is another way Kenyon hopes to promote a safe and respectful campus, and to empower students to feel comfortable in our environment.
Mike Durham and Nikki Keller are co facilitators with Sue and would be happy to answer any questions or assist in future training
The Thrill encourages anybody who is able to attend one or both of these sessions. For information on the program, click here.

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