10 o’clock list: My Criteria for Prospies

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Because I occasionally host prospies, I am obviously the go to person for deciding whether or not someone gets in.  This is the criteria I use when I pass judgement.

1. How they chew – To me, nothing is worse than people who chew grossly.  Imagine a society where everyone chewed politely.  What a utopia that would be.

2. Love for One Direction – They are an under appreciated band here at Kenyon.  Us Directioners are outnumbered and it would be nice for this group to be given more prominence.  1D for Summer Sendoff y’all!

3. Trying new things – Will you be willing to try new things or will you try to be the cool kid you were in high school?  My first month here, I auditioned for the Company, bleached my tips, and dressed up as a woman.  Don’t be afraid to leave your comfort zone.

4. Recognition of October 3rd as a national holiday – If you don’t understand this, maybe you shouldn’t be sitting here…

5. Appreciation for the Thrill – A lot of people criticize us here at Thrill.  However, it is important for potential first years to understand that Thrill writers are a cool group of people.  I did as a prospie and here I am now, clearly the Queen Bee of Kenyon.


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