Djerassi ’43 Uses Telegraph to Discuss Future of Recreational Sex

Is the German the same as the English?

About the time the Master Plan is nearing any sort of completion, Kenyon students (and the rest of us) may be entering a world of sex without consequences (child form that is, watch out for those STDs kids!). At least this is the world Carl Djerassi ’43 envisions.

Djerassi, also known as the “Father of the Pill” for his work creating the first oral contraceptive, postulated in an article in The Telegraph that by the year 2050, the majority of pregnancies will occur via in vitro fertilization, also known as IVF. Though not the same solution to birth control the Thrill suggested , Djerassi’s ideas are intriguing. He makes claims that scientific advances will allow men and women to easily freeze sperm and eggs at a young age and then be sterilized. The sterilization process will allow sex to become “purely recreational” and Djerassi says that for the next generation “the separation between sex and reproduction will be 100 percent.” Djerassi claims that the rise of IVF will eliminate the need for abortions and make the Pill obsolete, as women will be able to decide exactly when they want to have children.

So what do you think folks? Is this the future of sex? Current IVF processes can be incredibly taxing and still have a relatively low success rate, but Djerassi believes that great advances will be made over the next few decades. He suggests that freezing eggs can be used both as “insurance” to pursue careers and to find the perfect partner and as a way to have healthier children, due to better genetic screening.

Djerassi did revolutionize birth control in the past sixty years, are we ready for another revolution by 2050?

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